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CEO Message

I’m glad you are visiting our website. If you are a healthcare provider, this site will tell you why you should partner with AMH&R in the delivery of good medical services.

If you’re considering a career with AMH&R, you should know that we are dedicated to making our benefits package the best that it can be and to creating programs that support the career goals of our clinical professionals. Being a health care professional, I can understand better about your feeling and problem. As you search this website, you may be surprised to find that our expanding healthcare family includes board certified physicians, family nurse practitioners, nurses and medical assistants, dentists and dental assistants, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, pharmacists, x-ray and laboratory technicians, behavioral health specialists, social services professionals and a large and dedicated IT supporting staff. All are committed to fulfilling AMH&R mission. AMH&R is also a leading national provider of therapy program management services to healthcare facilities across the world in addition to staffing and recruitment services for our valuable clients. We produce quality patient outcomes at a lower cost because we know the world of medical rehabilitation like no one else. We hope you find our web site helpful, and that it provides you with important information about our services we offer. Please know that if you or your family members are ever in need of services, you can trust AMH&R to provide you with highly skilled care from a compassionate staff whose first concern is your good health.

I encourage you to contact us at with your suggestions.